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MP Performances Locksmith: Your Go-To Car Locksmith in Hackensack, NJ

Car Trouble? No Keys? We Can Help!

At MP Performances Locksmith, car lock issues are our bread and butter. Whether you've accidentally locked your keys inside your car or need a new set after they've gone missing, our car locksmith services are all about getting you moving again quickly and without a hitch.

All the Car Locksmith Services You Need

Ready When You Need Us

Car lock emergencies don't wait for a good time to happen. That's why our emergency locksmith and 24/7 locksmith services are always ready to respond. Just search "locksmiths near me for car keys" or "express locksmith", and we'll be on our way to you in no time.

Tech-Savvy Solutions

As experts in modern car lock technology, we handle everything from traditional keys to advanced keyless entry systems. Whether it's fixing a glitch in an electronic lock or programming a digital key fob, our services make sure you get the best and latest solutions.

Why Pick MP Performances Locksmith?

We're More Than Just Locksmiths

For many in Hackensack and the surrounding areas, we're not just locksmiths; we're problem solvers. When you need a local locksmith or a locksmith emergency, we make sure you're not left waiting. We take pride in being the dependable car locksmith that's always just a call away.


If you ever find yourself with a car key or lock issue, remember MP Performances Locksmith is ready to help. With our comprehensive car locksmith services, you'll be back on the road in no time. So no matter where you are - home, work, or stuck in a parking lot - reach out to us. We're here to solve your problems and get your day rolling again!

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MP Performances Locksmith
| Hours: Monday through Sunday, all day
| Phone: 201-212-5520 [map & reviews]
| Dispatch point: 130 S State St, Hackensack, NJ 07606
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